Catherine GUIGOU

Catherine Guigou

Catherine Guigou has developed an expertise in counseling and litigating in the areas of Competition Law, Distribution Law, Copyrights and Trademark Law, ICT Law and international contracts.

Catherine GUIGOU is member of AFEC, the Marseille Bar International and Intellectual Property commissions and of the Pro2PI Group of the Marseille INPI, on behalf of which she offers pre-diagnosis in Intellectual Property for businesses.

Catherine GUIGOU holds a Masters in International Business Law and a Diploma as Business Legal Counsel from Aix En Provence University, a Masters in Comparative Law from Georgetown Law School (Washington D.C.), the CAPA (Lawyer Diploma) and is the holder of a certificate of Specialization in Intellectual Property. Member of the Paris Bar since 1985, Catherin GUIGOU previously practiced law for 5 years at the Gide Loyrette Nouel International Law firm before working for 6 years as legal counsel for Disneyland Paris.

Catherine GUIGOU became a member of the Marseille Bar in 1999, when she joined the FIDAL Law firm to develop the Intellectual Property Law and Economic Law department. She founded her own practice in 2005.

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